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South Luangwa National Park is located in the east of Zambia, at the southern end of the monumental Great Rift Valley. Its beautiful scenery and enormous variety and density of animals make it one of the best national parks in Zambia, if not the entire African continent. South Luangwa holidays are particularly special as they allow close interaction with the animals; it’s impossible not to encounter game and birdlife on a walking safari, and because of the country’s unfenced parks the animals are free to roam far and wide.

Zambia is recognised as the birthplace of the walking safari so close encounters with resident game are quite common, and not for the faint hearted. South Luangwa holidays also benefit from some of the best guiding Africa has to offer, and unforgettable wildlife experiences are a definite Zambia highlight.

Wildlife in this area includes giraffe, 14 species of antelope and buffalo which graze upon the open plains, and a large number of leopards that conceal themselves within the dense woodland. In the marshes, elephants wallow and hippos dine on cabbage in the Luangwa River - the waterway that supports life in the region meanders across the plains and has many ox-bow lakes. Accommodation is mainly sited along the east bank of the river, with safaris usually taking place on the west.


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