Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma

Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma

Located at a dramatic location on the banks of the Zambezi the Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma is only a few kilometres from one of Africa's most significant natural landmarks, the Victoria Falls. The lodge is named after Sussi and Shuma who were the loyal friends of Dr. David Livingstone and boasts not only one of the most beautiful situations on the Zambezi but also unique tree-house accommodation surrounded by Phoenix palms and Jackalberry trees.

The accommodation at Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma is boutique in style and is suitable for those travelling solo as well as families and couples. The tree houses are built amongst the canopy of ebony trees which line the Zambezi and are joined by joined by wooden walkways. The houses also provide guests with a private viewing deck from which views of the surrounding environment can be savoured. Private dining is also available from the decks.

For families the Chuma Houses are ideal accommodation as they have two bedrooms both with en-suite plus a lounge, private plunge pool and dining area. Dining will also be a real luxury experience as the houses have their own private chef. Finally the main lodge provides guests with the use of an elevated bar with wonderful views plus an open air dining area and swimming pool as well as a Spa in which to unwind and relax.

Sanctuary Sussi & Chuma Fact File

May - October
Zambian kwacha
+ 2 hours