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Zambia could be described as the ‘true’ Africa; a place of incredible natural beauty, national parks where the game roams free as nature intended and many amazing species which have been conserved over many years.

As the birthplace of the walking safari, Zambia is the ideal destination for those wanting to experience a ‘back to nature’ safari adventure. Zambia offers a wealth of genuine wildlife and nature experiences for all.

Located in Southern Africa, Zambia has all the elements required for an incredible safari, with remote grasslands and dense bush providing open grazing as well as cover for predators. Camps are mainly unfenced, so animals are free to roam between the camps. The contrasting landscapes here range from plains to meandering rivers, marshy wetlands to riverine forests and the swirling plumes of Victoria Falls, supporting a wide variety of animal species including over 750 types of bird. Camps and lodges are of an excellent standard, and safari drives aren’t limited to vehicles. Comfortable hiking shoes are a necessity for walking safaris, and due to the number of rivers in the area you can keep an eye out for wildlife as you gently paddle along in a canoe, or sip on a sundowner while you enjoy the panoramic views from a riverboat.

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