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Whether it’s the serenity of Bali’s beautiful beaches or the tranquillity of her terraced rice fields, the ‘Island of the Gods’ has the power to steal your heart and captivate your soul.

A luxury holiday to the Balinese region of Indonesia will wow you in every sense of the word. The people will welcome you with open arms, keen to share their love of the island with all who visit her shores. A haven of natural beauty and the addition of truly luxurious properties has ensured Bali remains a ‘must see’ destination for the discerning traveller, as well as a favourite for newly-weds looking for a very special honeymoon escape.

Famed for its rice paddy fields, the countryside is well worth exploring during your stay, however, relaxation can be found too on the warm tropical beaches lapped by the Indian Ocean. This mythical land is sure to create a holiday of a lifetime with its colourful heritage, dramatic landscapes and vibrant culture.

The Balinese are a very friendly and deeply religious people who take much meaning from the land around them and its spirits. Ancient temples and royal residences permeate the island's interior and a must see is Mount Batur for a dramatic view of the dormant volcanic areas.

The island of Bali and her neighbours possess a unique character along with many religions and traditions, which are typically expressed through her inhabitants’ love of song and dance. If you get the chance, watch the celebrated Ketak, traditionally an all-male Balinese dance which is upbeat and full of rhythmic chanting and captivating movements; it is a very special experience, showcasing the very best of Bali’s customs.

Off the east coast of Sumbawa lies Komodo National Park, a group of majestic islands including Komodo, Rinca and Flores. Come here to encounter the largest and most powerful lizard in the world – The Komodo Dragon. This prehistoric reptile is unique to Indonesia and a major point of interest in the outer islands. With unspoilt volcanic landscape and an abundance of wildlife, these islands are perfect for escaping back to nature.

Bali has a tropical climate with year round temperatures averaging 31°C and two distinct seasons, the dry season is from April to October. Humidity levels are higher during the opposite season, while the dry season has hotter temperatures but cool breezes. However, due to its position on the equatorthe climate in Indonesia doesn’t dramatically change throughout the year.

Combine your Indonesian journey with a visit to Australia for a very special multi-stop experience. Alternatively, the contrast between the natural beauty of Bali and the contemporary style of Singapore also makes for a superb twin holiday




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