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Manggis, an area renowned for its beauty, temples, sweeping bays, ruins, palaces and rice paddies

Bali is one of those very special countries where you will discover culture with a capital C; it's a land steeped in tradition, where predominantly a unique form of Hinduism called 'Hindu Darma' is practised. Spirituality is apparent at every turn, from the ornate temples that litter the landscape to its art and traditional dances.         

Head outside your hotel and the country's traditions will become even more apparent, with one of the real 'must do' activities being a trip to the beguiling town of Manggis. In a country so famed for its beauty and cultural treasures, Manggis is somewhere very special indeed. Located in the unspoilt east of Bali, an area of the island that is renowned for its spectacular beauty, where verdant mountains meet the stunning coastline. The waters east of Manggis teem with richness and diversity and are home to seven wondrous dive sites just waiting to be explored.

At Manggis, the local people follow a traditional lifestyle, whether it is cultivating rice, farming, fishing, weaving baskets and the famous double ikat textiles or salt making. There is plenty to see and do at Manggis; take in sights of Mount Agung, home to Bali's mother temple at Besakih or explore the spectacular terraced hillsides. Visit the traditional Bali Aga village of Tenganan, the water palaces of Tirtagangga and Ujung, the weaving village of Sidemen, the Kerta Gosa Palace of Justice at Klungkung and various Balinese temples.