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Situated between Tibet and India is the small kingdom of Bhutan. Remote and unique, this traditional Buddhist country is rich in spirituality and packed with beauty.

Situated on the eastern fringe of the Himalayas is the Kingdom of Bhutan, the second least populous country in Asia after the Maldives. It’s an incredibly diverse nation in terms of its landscape, with a subtropical climate found to the south of the country and the sub-alpine surroundings to the north near the Himalayan mountains.

Bhutan is one of the least developed countries in the world but one of the safest and most peaceful, making it a true step back in time to a period when everyday life was simple and straightforward.

As a low-volume tourist destination, you can guarantee that you won’t have fellow holidaymakers stepping on your toes as you explore a closely-guarded culture that has only been open to visitors since the 1970s. If you consider yourself to be deeply spiritual, you’ll almost certainly feel a connection to Bhutan with its Buddhist population characterised by the magnificent monasteries that overlook the mountain tops.

If you don’t want to travel too far from the country’s sole international airport in Paro, the Paro Valley is an excellent place to soak up authentic Bhutanese architecture, including the iconic Taktshang Goemba monument.

It’s also ideal for those who enjoy the great outdoors with plentiful trekking and mountain biking opportunities across the region. Amankora Paro is nestled in the heart of the Paro Valley. The ultimate pine forest retreat, this 24-suite spa hotel sits 2,250 metres above sea level, affording spectacular views of the forest and the valley. From this base, you can explore the National Museum and trek throughout the valley, all just 30 minutes from the airport.

Head a little further afield to discover Bhutan’s capital city of Thimphu. It’s generally the busiest region in the country, but still retains a healthy dose of Bhutanese culture and traditions. One important point of note is its incredibly high altitude, which can take some getting used to.

Mix with the traditionally-robed monks and locals and browse the lively weekend markets to get a feel for Bhutanese creativity and flair. A stone’s throw from the capital’s intriguing sights and sounds is the Amankora Thimphu, another popular spa resort overlooking the blue pine forest of the Thimphu Valley. Guests here can book tours of the National Memorial Chorten, the National Textile Museum and the Folk Heritage Museum to get a genuine sense of life in the Bhutanese capital.

A short drive from the capital to Punakha is also an important journey to make if you want the best possible view of the Himalayan mountain ranges. The mesmerising Dochula Pass offers the pinnacle of views of the Eastern Himalayas for trekkers.

If you wish to explore the historic city of Punakha too, the Amankora Punakha offers a once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday experience. This eight-suite farmhouse overlooks rice terraces and offers enchanting spa and meditation facilities to escape the stresses and strains of western life.

If you’re seeking a luxury holiday in Bhutan that’s sure to leave a lasting impression, Inspiring Travel Company’s exclusive and unique resorts can help to create a magical getaway in the heart of Bhutanese life. Our in-house team of experts have personally visited every Bhutanese resort we offer and can help you to design a bespoke luxury holiday in Bhutan like no other.