Viroth’s Hotel

Cutting-edge and contemporary, Viroth’s Hotel is an ode to New Khmer Architecture with its elegant design and gorgeous greenery, tumbling from white walls to exude a soothing, back-to-nature ambience.

Viroth’s Hotel

Tucked away in the Wat Bo district of Siem Reap, Viroth’s Hotel is an altogether serene and sumptuous place to stay.

Indoor areas segue into the outdoors, thanks to Viroth’s astonishing gardens that comprise towering palms and tropical plants, as well as open-air communal spaces and large glass windows that look directly onto the greenery. The hotel’s façade sets the tone for this nod to nature, covered as it is from top to toe with plantlife – a distinctive and memorable start to your stay.

Step inside and you’ll find a decidedly minimalist interior, taking design cues from the New Khmer Architecture movement that pervaded the mid-20th century here. So, look out for white backdrops interspersed with splashes of colour, patterned tiles and flower-like lampshades throughout this boutique Siem Reap hotel. Walk through to the central courtyard and you’ll no doubt be tempted to immerse yourself in the azure waters of Viroth’s sparkling 20m swimming pool, encircled by that ever-present foliage.

This love for nature is also evident in the hotel’s eco-friendly policy, as it seeks to offset its carbon footprint by using solar power, low-energy LED lighting and recycling as much waste as possible, so you can surrender to the luxury with peace of mind too.