Sujan Rajmahal Palace

Sujan Rajmahal Palace

One of the new discovered jewels of Maharaja of Jaipur, Sujan Rajmahal Palace is a breath of fresh air.  

Owned by the royal family of Jaipur, Rajmahal Palace is a 15 room a beautifully designed boutique hotel. It is one of the oldest palaces in Jaipur and once home to the Maharaja has played hosts to many guests like the Queen and The Prince Philip, Jackie Onassis and Lord and Lady Mountbatten.

The whole place has been refurbished and designer Adil Ahmad has carefully designed the palace, very much keeping the old traditions and heritage and the originaity with the old staircase, chandeliers and keeping the family possessions.  

The colours of Jaipur feel even more vibrant here, with large gardens, lovely pool and the rtooms have beautiful wall papers which has been hand picked and the motifs have been taken from Jaipur's heritage to tell a story and keeping the charm of a bygone era. Each room different from each other and the suites have large master bedrooms, private lounges and private dining spaces with services of private butler.

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