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Narendra Nagar is a city in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.In the early 1900s, Narendra Nagar became a popular destination with the British Viceroy's of the time. The Palace 'Annexe' was added to the original palace building in 1910 to house the Viceroy and his entourage who visited Narendra Nagar fairly often.The Narendra Nagar Palace', is now home to 'Ananda - In the Himalayas', a destination spa, that looks down into the Doon valley from its majestic height of 3000 feet. Crowning a picturesque ridge of the mighty Himalayan ranges, the palace is a symbol of the grandeur and splendour of an era gone by. Original relief work still adorns the palace walls and two magnificent World War I cannons flank the royal gateway.

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