Flame of the Forest

Flame of the Forest

Flame of the Forest is an intimate and small safari lodge with only four tastefully designed cottages set in ten acres right next to the Banjaar River and only 10 minutes from Kisli gate in Kanha National Park. Each cottage provides absolute privacy, alfresco bath in the en-suite and a deck with a stunning view overlooking the river and passing wildlife.

A day at the Flame of the Forest could involve waking up with a delicious breakfast and then exploring the jungle after which it is time to relax. Lunch is served in the dining hall and then it is back on the jeep. In the evening enjoy a delicious dinner. Excursions available include a cultural walk through the village, a cup of chai in a local house or a nature walk. 

The Flame of Forest offers unique yoga-safari experiences including a Detox Day, yoga safari retreats and longer yoga safari stays. It is the perfect chance to rediscover your inner self in the beautiful forest setting and also in the yoga shalla overlooking the river: 

Yoga Detox Day - Between days of safari excursions at the Flame of the Forest take a day out to enjoy a detox day. There will be two meditation classes and two yoga classes.

Yoga Safari Retreats - Enjoy a great combination of safari excursions and yoga classes over five days. Your day could consist of a meditation session followed by a light breakfast, a yoga class and then lunch, in the afternoon go on safari and in the evening, there will be drinks around the fire. 

8 & 12 Day Yoga Retreats are also available. 


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