Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Located minutes from the Jamtara Gate of Pench National Park lies the serene and untouched Jamtara Wilderness Camp. A collection of 12 tented accommodations are set amongst the acres of lands.

The 12 tented rooms have a permanent bathroom and you can roll up the front panel to let the breeze in whilst sleeping under your mosquito looking out to the Arjuna Trees. Aside from safaris in Pench National Park, visit the local village or relax with a book in the camp. 

Jamtara offers a unique way to spend a night in a ‘Star Bed’ or Machaan as they are locally known. These Machaans are located in the farmers’ lands and so for the night you are contributing to their farming funds. They are built on stilts on the land and have a double four poster bed with a mosquito net. Sleep quite literally under the stars looking up through your mosquito net to the dark sky. For peace of mind, a night guard will remain with you for the duration. Machaans have been historically used by farmers to look out to their lands in the daytime. 

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