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Blending old and new, tradition and modernity, culture and industry; Kurashiki is a fascinating stop on your tour of Japan.

Kurashiki, part of the Okayama Prefecture, is a scenic and historic city ripe for exploring. The ancient and calm centre is surrounded by a bustling city, the combination of old and new a perfect metaphor for Japanese culture at large.

Visit the Bikan Historical Quarter and admire excellent examples of traditional Japanese architecture and city landscaping. Browse the magnificent collections on display at the Ohara Museum of Art, featuring pieces by world-renowned artists including Monet and Gauguin.

The beautifully preserved and picturesque canal area dates back to the Edo Period (1603-1867). During these times, the city’s ability to trade by boat on the canal allowed it to prosper under the shogunate government. Today visitors can wander along the banks of the canal and see some of the original storehouses, or take a gondola cruise along the water. A few minutes’ walk from the canal you’ll find the Ohashi House, an authentic merchant house dating back to 1796. Explore inside and find elegant rooms, traditional tatami mats and an insight into traditional Japanese culture and way of life.