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Kuala Lumpur is a truly international city, but one where intricate mosques and temples still stand side by side against towering modern sky-scrapers.

Kuala Lumpur has dramatically grown over the last century into a modern bustling city, whilst retaining historical character and local vibrant colour. Merdeka Square, the traditional heart of the city, is the location of many buildings of historical interest such as the Royal Selangor Club, where the city's elite meet.

In contrast, The Golden Triangle is a small city in itself, where the tallest building in the world, the Twin Petronas Towers, dominates the skyline and entertainment and luxury hotels all add a modern blend to the top developing commercial cities in the world.

This small concrete jungle of sky-scrapers, six-lane highways and colonial architecture, that's silhouetted by greenery, holds not just an epic of shops, but an abundance of restaurants too. Wine and dine in the sophisticated metropolitan area, or even taste food that is inspired from all across the continent by a street side hawker, as you lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are adventurous with cuisine, Kuala Lumpur has a great restaurant scene and bustling street markets, particularly in China Town.

The city also offers some of the best priced shopping in the region and as English is widely spoken, the shopping experience is pleasant rather than challenging. There are a number of international style shopping malls that usually have at least a floor dedicated to cuisine from around the region – food and shopping are high on the daily agenda here!

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