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The wilds of Borneo are where expansive rainforest and unspoilt beaches merge alongside rugged mountains and some of the oldest cave systems on the planet

A haven for wildlife, surely Borneo’s most coveted attraction is its unspoilt rainforests. The island’s Orang-utans are its most famous inhabitant, but its rich cultural tapestry and fascinating history are also key incentives for travellers.

Where the jungle meets the coast you’ll discover pristine beaches and coral reefs, a paradise retreat in a natural, exotic location. This ‘off the beaten track’ island awaits your discovery.

Many rare species call Borneo home, from the wild orangutans that swing through the jungle canopy, through to the Asian elephants, turtles and proboscis monkeys. Encounter these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat and witness the magic of the island’s epic biodiversity up close and personal.

Both green and hawksbill turtles are native to the waters of the South China Sea. Take a trip to Turtle Island, a National Park, designated to protect newly-laid eggs and hatchlings. Learn about the conservation programme and tour the island’s hatchery area.

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