Ker and Downey Lodges

This collection of lodges is spread out within the Annapurna Conservation Area, separated by picturesque terrain.

Ker and Downey Lodges

Located in the Annapurna Mountains, the purpose built lodges Ker and Downey is unique in Nepal as it one in the region which allows guests to experience the magnificent scenery in style and comfort. All lodges are a days walk apart and allow guests to experience in comfort some of the most spectacular mountain vistas in the world.

Each lodge offers a unique view and new perspective on the region, overlooking its hidden villages and shadowed by its towering peaks. Private baths with hot running water come standard in all of the guest rooms, with cosy blankets and down bedding warmed nightly by a hot water bottle.

Hearty meals are served family-style in the lodges' traditional dining rooms, inviting spaces to relax and recall the sights of the day's trek. Spacious terraces plus a large fireplace and lounge area complete the shared spaces in the lodges, with Sanctuary Lodge also including a cosy library.

Treks are led by local Gurkha guides, committed to exploring the mountains respectfully and adhering to strict conservation guidelines. The Gurkha's intimate knowledge of Nepalese hill cultures and traditions leads to a trekking experience that is truly off the beaten path.

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