Heritage Line Halong Bay Cruises

Head back to the days of grandeur on the high seas and indulge in a cruise around Halong Bay in one of Heritage Line’s luxurious, yet authentic ships.

Heritage Line Halong Bay Cruises

Elegantly fusing old-fashioned elegance with modern facilities, the three ships, or junks as they are called, beautifully blend into the stunning craggy bay of Halong. The junks are large traditional wooden structures and are lovingly known as the Three Sisters.

Violet, Jasmine and Ginger (the three sisters) are finely crafted utilising dark teak wood accented with rich golds, plush reds and royal blues. Violet is the youngest and smallest sister of the three. She offers just six luxury cabins all with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing the breathtaking views to dominate. Jasmine is the middle sister and boasts huge tawny sails, like her sister she is grand and built in traditional old Vietnamese style. Ginger is the older and wiser sister; she offers an intimate experience with just 10 well-appointed cabins.

Each of the fine vessels boasts an array of facilities on board ranging from spas to a sundeck. Each sister offers a smaller tender boat which ferries passengers to and from shore allowing for guests to explore small coves complete with white-sand beaches. The dining scene on each can be a grand affair so expect white tablecloths and delectable cuisines.

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