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For Cook Islanders, “Kia Orana” is a greeting, a blessing, and a wish for good fortune. Meaning "may you live a long and fulfilling life", Kia Orana exemplifies the essence of the Cook Islands and the people who live there.

The Cook Islands are mesmeric parcels of paradise strewn across the Pacific Ocean. On the Cook Islands you have complete freedom to do as much or as little as you like. Experience the local lifestyle and relax at pristine beaches and calming spas. Or snorkel, hike, and sail your way through splendid untouched nature.

The Cook Islands are a region of beaming smiles and welcoming locals, with a rich history of tradition, myths, and customs known for lively dances and extravagant costumes. Enjoy locally produced cuisine consisting of the freshest seafood, and exciting citrus and tropical fruits that replicate the tantalizing flavour of the islands themselves.

The largest Cook island, Rarotonga, and the next closest island Aitutaki, make an astonishingly beautiful holiday duo. Rarotonga is a bustling hive of activity with lush greenery, volcanic peaks, and thick rainforest blanketing its interior - making it an ideal venue for 4WD tours. Aitutaki, on the other hand, is thought to be the most beautiful of the Cook Islands and is famous for its 15 delightful islets, bright coral reefs, and crystal-clear sparkling lagoons that are home to an underwater treasure trove of marine life.

No visit to this majestic land is complete without an island-style feast and foot-stomping celebration that will leave you feeling the “Kia Orana” spirit first hand.


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