The Brando

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Stay in the very lap of luxury at The Brando, a gorgeous, all-inclusive, exclusive retreat spread across the islands of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, the former home of Hollywood star Marlon Brando.

The Brando

Close your eyes and picture a paradisiacal scene of fine white sand, gin-clear seas and lavish beach villas set beneath a brilliant blue sky – welcome to The Brando.

This private island beach resort is named after Marlon Brando, who bought Tetiaroa in 1966 after falling in love with its pristine, natural beauty. Today, The Brando is one of the most sought-after retreats in the South Pacific, a stunning blend of first-class luxury and authentic local experiences, with a particular emphasis on sustainability and respect for French Polynesian communities. The hotel possesses 35 gorgeous villas set on the beach, watersports equipment, a spa shielded by palm trees, private pools, complimentary bicycles to borrow and a restaurant helmed by Michelin-star chef Guy Martin.

There’s plenty to do too, including stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling over coral gardens, birdwatching and learning about French Polynesia in the Explorer Centre. Feel at one with nature as you explore the unspoilt scenery of Tetiaroa, looking out for local wildlife such as Sea Turtles, Manta Rays and Reef Sharks beneath the water’s surface, and intriguing bird species above it. Indulge in spa sessions, romantic candlelit dinners and private island-hopping tours; immerse yourself in local culture by trying Polynesian dance, music and art workshops; or simply unwind in your exquisite thatched villa in total privacy. The Brando really does feel like something straight out of a Hollywood movie.