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Stroll the narrow streets of this beautiful city’s UNESCO-protected historic centre and get a taste of Cuban city life in a relatively ‘undiscovered’ region.

A charming and attractive city in central Cuba, Camaguey makes a great stop on a multi-centre tour of the island, especially when travelling between Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba.

The city’s historic centre was one of the first seven villages founded by Spaniards in 16th century Cuba. Camaguey’s eclectic mix of architecture is a large part of its charm, with neoclassical, colonial and even some art deco buildings all painted in pastel colours to create a sense of mixed heritage that fuses together to create the city’s unique atmosphere.

The narrow, winding streets here open up into public squares, and this labyrinthine network has earned the area the nickname of "La Ciudad Confusa", or The Maze.

With such a singular aesthetic, it’s no wonder that the historic centre was designated as Cuba’s ninth UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

There’s plenty of contemporary buzzes here, too. Check out the vibrant modern art scene, enjoy authentic Cuban cuisine at one of many eateries and, of course, take some time to sample local rum and listen to live music at the city’s vibrant bars.

Much of the accommodation offered in Camaguey is in casas particulares.

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