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The western province of Pinar del Rio is known for its stunning scenery, a landscape of prehistoric-looking flat-top mountains or "mogotes", tobacco plantations, caves and rivers and verdant plateaux.

The Viñales Valley and Las Terrazas are both found here, easily accessible from Havana and perfect for some relaxation after the bustle of the capital. This area produces the best tobacco in Cuba, some say in the world.

Just a couple of hours drive from Havana, the countryside around Viñales is spectacular. There are caves to visit with an underground river system, and horse-riding and bird-watching excursions available.

Viñales itself is a small, friendly place and worth the walk into town. You can hire a car, or preferably a bicycle, for a scenic trip around the area to try out the bars and restaurants.

Accommodation is less sophisticated than in Havana, all the hotels in this area would be considered 2 to 3 star, but the scenery makes up for this.

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