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Full of amazing historical buildings and colonial architecture, Campeche is an incredible sight.

The walled city of Campeche is home to pastel coloured buildings, colonial mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets and fortified ramparts. The state capital founded in 1540, received UNESCO world heritage status in 1999 and is a perfectly preserved example of 16th-century Spanish colonial architecture.

The oldest city in the Yucatan, originally it served as an old Mayan trading port, due to its prime location along the Gulf of Mexico. The Spanish then took settlement in the area and began exporting to Europe local timber, silver and gold. This port town prospered and consequently pirates eager to get in on the prosperity began attacks on the city. The Spanish retaliated by building huge bulwarks and walls to protect the city. Nowadays, its attractive waterfront is a popular place to stroll in the evening, watch the sunset and experience thunderstorms as they roll in off the Gulf.

Campeche is often overlooked by tourists but with its old-world colonial feel and coastal location it is said to be one of Mexico’s best kept secrets. The state itself is home to no less than 17 archaeological sites such as Edzna and Calakmul, lush forest and picturesque coastline. Mangroves and lagoons stretch along the northern half of the state, home to countless flamingos, whilst the south is home to a narrow band of white sand beaches.

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