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A welcome oasis of natural beauty and laid-back charm, these picturesque, welcoming islands invite travellers to succumb to complete relaxation.

Dive into the irresistible charm of St Kitts & Nevis, where volcanic slopes meet turquoise seas. There is a luxury St Kitts & Nevis holiday experience for everyone, whether holidays mean hiking a volcano, snorkelling in turquoise waters, exploring lush rainforests or sun-seeking on pristine beaches.

St Kitts sits 3km north of Nevis, and together the islands offer a warm welcome to the leeward islands’ Lesser Antilles. A luxury St Kitts & Nevis holiday comes in many forms, depending on your desires - this fabulous island has plenty to occupy all. From the most active and inquisitive to those who purposefully plan recuperative, peaceful retreats.

An irresistible range of attractions await in St Kitts and Nevis. The capital of both islands is Basseterre, one of the oldest towns in the Eastern Caribbean, located on St Kitts. Enjoy the capital’s old-world charm, as buzzing, labyrinthine streets radiate out from the central Circus, a roundabout complete with Victorian-style clock-tower. Visit the National Museum to continue exploring the island’s past, before continuing your weaving meander onwards.

Head to the other, northernmost side of St Kitts, for a parallel experience - one of retreat, seclusion, and ultimate luxury. Live amongst organically grown fruit and vegetables at Belle Mont Farm, where outdoor and indoor living blend seamlessly. Delight in the simple luxury of flavourful, fresh produce, giving a twist to the West Indian dishes on offer here.

Even golf revolves around the farm, as you stop for your shot, simultaneously enjoying mouthfuls of fruit, plucked fresh from the laden trees above. Belle Mont truly is a gourmand’s paradise, as the farmers can also take you out foraging and harvesting, before finally cooking up your finds, al fresco style.

One activity that should certainly be on everyone’s St Kittian to-do list is a ride on the Scenic Railway. The last of its kind in the West Indies, this railway was built a hundred years ago, and can take you on an 18-mile journey along the island, where the open-sided upper deck means a fabulous breeze and unimpeded views, all the more fabulous for the complimentary rum punch and the backdrop of the train’s resident choir!

Mount Liamuiga is a hike for the more active visitor, and one to start in the fresh, cool rays of early morning, when the Caribbean sun is not yet high, but already brimming with promise. Catch abundant bird life on the wing, as well as the local population of vervet monkeys and stunning wild orchids, as you climb toward the 1,156m high summit. The mile-wide verdance of the summit, christened “Giant’s Salad Bowl” - is worth the visit alone.

At the isle’s southernmost tip sits Banana Bay. Seven miles on from Basseterre, Banana Bay is one of the most attractive beaches on St Kitts. The Park Hyatt St Kitts offers views out to these stunning waters at every turn, where the waters roll in softly, coconut trees throw dappled shade at the edges and sealife skirts about, neon and striped and spotted, living a life of its own beneath the gentle waves.

St Kitts and Nevis luxury holidays mix a love of nature, history, and rich local culture, in this picture-perfect paradise of cobalt waters and fine white sands. As Caribbean experts, let ITC’s expertise build the perfect Caribbean holiday for you.