Hailed as the 'Queen of the Caribbean', the island of Nevis is a truly charming place and the perfect location for a laid-back luxury holiday. 

The easy-going, warm welcome that greets visitors here sets the tone for an endlessly relaxing stay on what is often remarked as one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands. From the commanding sight of the 3,232ft Nevis Peak, to the long stretches of pure white sands on pleasingly under-populated beaches, stunning scenery abounds. 

With many charming beachfront cafes as well as sumptuous fine-dining venues, this little island has numerous culinary delights to offer, from mouth-watering Caribbean fare to a host of international cuisines, including French and Indian. 

The capital, Charlestown, is bathed in old world charm, with its lovingly-preserved Georgian-style architecture. History buffs will enjoy the array of small museums and churches in the town, including the Museum of Nevis History. A short distance outside the capital you will find the Botanical Gardens of Nevis, which retain their beauty and fragrance year round and are a real 'must see' while on the island.

Life on Nevis is quiet and leisurely, making it a perfect contrast to some of the larger, more cosmopolitan destinations in the Caribbean. For an experience of all this region has to offer, ask your Travel Specialist about a two or three-centre itinerary that takes in this charming island and more, for your next luxury Caribbean holiday.

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