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Bequia Beach Hotel is situated on what many consider to be the premiere location on Bequia Island – Friendship Beach. This boutique hotel and villas are surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and has its own secluded beach area.

Bequia Beach Hotel

Just like the island that it inhabits, The Bequia Beach Hotel is a stunning oasis of peace. Located on the tranquil island of Bequia, which lies nine miles west of Mustique, it boasts a unique, magical charm that’s hard to find anywhere else in the Caribbean. Relatively undiscovered and with only 4,900 inhabitants, Bequia remains unspoiled and retains its old-world charm with no large tourist resorts or shopping malls, earning it the often used description of the ‘jewel’ in the Grenadines.

Bequia Beach Hotel is situated in what many consider to be the premiere location on the Caribbean island of Bequia - Friendship Beach. Inspired by Oliver Messel’s stylish Mustique villas and surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens, this boutique hotel combines elegance and charm to provide a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. With an infinity pool, first-class restaurant, and combined spa and gym that overlooks the tranquil gardens by the beach, along with its own secluded sandy beach area, the perfect place to relax is never too far away. 

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