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For a truly idyllic luxury Provence holiday, venture to the region in the summertime to see the lavender and sunflower fields in bloom and the picturesque countryside painted deep purple and golden yellow.

A luxury Provence holiday takes in one of the most admired regions in France, boasting some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean, its hills are home to colourful villages and throughout the region you’ll discover markets filled with delicious local produce along with an abundance of alluring sunlit forests and hills.

Blessed with such great beauty, it’s no wonder that great artists like Matisse, Cezanne and Gauguin adored the region so much. It was also a move to the dappled sunshine of Provence that inspired Van Gogh to his most intensely productive period - painting some 400 works, including several versions of Sunflowers and the timeless Night Cafe.

Ancient towns like St Paul de Vence, Gourdon and Grasse (famous for the perfume factories) are must-sees. But it's also worth exploring narrow country roads in search of the real soul of Provence, you’ll find it in the region's landscape and of course in its food, try a traditional pastis aperitif, then enjoy the wonderful Provencal cuisine heightened by local herbes de Provence and wine.

If you’re after an active stay, Provence provides you with not just great walking, hiking, bicycle and mountain biking paths, but glorious views along with it. Offshore, explore Provences’ waters through white water rafting, crayoning or fishing.