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Often referred to as the Emerald Isle, a luxury Corfu holiday is a fantastic choice for anybody looking for a holiday that guarantees sun, sea and sandy beaches (but do expect pebbled beaches too).

The second-largest Greek island of the Ionian, Corfu is a charming destination that provides you with sun, sand, sea and adventure.

The Island is sat off the west coast of mainland Greece and is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea but with it being just over four hours flight time from the UK it makes an ideal location for a short-haul holiday.

It’s a beautiful island renowned for its long sweeping bays, rugged coastlines and mountainous landscapes but step inland and you will find it comes alive with a history that can date back to the Romans.

Around its coast you’ll be entranced by the small fishing villages that are a delight to walk around providing you with the real sense of everyday life in Corfu, or for those who want to feel the more upbeat and cosmopolitan way of life simply head into Corfu Town the island's capital, it’s a beautiful town famed for the two forts that guard it and its Venetian Architecture.