Ikos Oceania

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Wash away your worldly worries at Ikos Oceania. This beautiful resort spreads across the most beautiful parts of the peninsula Halkidiki calls home. Finding your own private hideaway here is easy, while the hotel’s sumptuous facilities make it an experience like no other.

Ikos Oceania

350 metres of postcard-worthy beach, warm lapping waters, and tranquil whitewashed décor is what you’ll get at first glance at Ikos Oceania.

Everything about the sandy coastline and the lush Grecian cypress trees makes this resort feel typically Greek. The immersion of fragrant landscaped gardens, rippling tides and the hum of wildlife will instantly transport you to another planet.

Set in expansive grounds, supreme beauty isn’t the only thing Ikos Oceania delivers in spades. An emphasis on astounding guests with luxurious facilities and sumptuous surroundings is all part of the package. Thanks to its spacious setting, you can enjoy activities on land and sea without leaving the comfort of Ikos Oceania is you so desire. From basketball to snorkelling, fitness classes to mountain biking, there’s an activity to get you off your sun lounger whatever you fancy. You can even find child-friendly activities to entertain little ones.

If you prefer a more sedate pace of life during your holiday, head to the spa and lap up the views across the open waters as you indulge in pampering treatments. Or, take yourself down to the picture-perfect beach to soak up the sun and refresh your soul. Back in the hotel itself, different pool areas cater for every age of traveller, so you can pick a spot to suit your mood.

During the evenings, you have a choice of restaurants and bars to explore, giving you ample chance to taste delectable cuisine from top chefs. And after a relaxed meal, you can head back to your elegant room. Set in impeccably manicured gardens with views of verdant hillsides or golden sands, each room comes with the same understated luxury you’d expect from a stylish Grecian resort. Made to tantalise and delight, the rooms at Ikos Oceania will transport you to a peaceful paradise within moments of stepping through the door.