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The variety of natural beauty here is quite stunning. From pristine sandy coves, to majestic mountains, the landscape of this small island will take your breath away.

There is a vast amount to do on a luxury holiday in Tenerife, from relaxing to taking in the surrounding culture.

Plato spoke of Atlantis, the mythical continent sunk deep into the ocean floor; and those that believe in the existence of this lost continent argue that Tenerife and the Canaries are part of its visible remains.

Mount Teide, the world's third-biggest volcano, acts as a climatic barrier between the verdant north and arid south. As Spain's largest peak, Teide stands 3,717m above sea level. Its snowcapped tip (a crater boasting a diameter of 14km) can be seen from most parts of the island. Santa Cruz, Tenerife's capital and one of Spain's busiest ports, is an increasingly fashionable city featuring some groundbreaking modern architecture.

Tenerife is a year-round destination due to its mild winter climate and also a popular choice for families. It is a great holiday destination for a short-haul holiday in January. The island is home to many attractions, the newest being Siam Park with exhilarating water rides.