Lux* Bodrum Resort & Residences

Having won awards for its smooth, elegant architecture, the beautiful Lux* Bodrum Resort and its idyllic setting are hard to beat. A stay here guarantees peace of mind, great comfort and an authentic Turkish experience.

Lux* Bodrum Resort & Residences

A verdant oasis perched on the outer rocks of Turkey’s southwestern coastline; the clue to your stay at the Lux* Bodrum Resort and Residences is all in the name. Indeed ‘luxurious’ is likely the first word that comes to mind when you arrive here, given the hotel’s glistening all-white façade, stunning location and excellent facilities.

It begins at breakfast, with kaleidoscopic fresh fruit platters and plentiful local specialities, pastries and coffee filling an almost endless early morning buffet. This penchant for fine dining continues throughout the day, courtesy of the beautifully-lit Stella Restaurant with its classy seasonal menu, and wall of windows letting in atmospheric sea views.

An award-winning Turkish resort, Lux* Bodrum has been acknowledged for its service, high standards and effortlessly stylish architecture, a design that somehow feels at one with the private peninsula’s natural beauty, on which it sits. What’s more, the Lux* Bodrum Resort and Residences also maintains Turkish traditions through occasional décor and the charming personnel working here, so you can experience local hospitality in five-star comfort.

The resort is handily located a short drive away from the twin bays of Bodrum, where a magnificent castle built in the 4th century B.C. provides a fascinating cultural excursion, not to mention equally terrific views best sampled from a shorefront bar. Then, between lounging on a daybed overlooking the ocean, enjoying a yoga class or stroll on the hotel’s private beach, a visit to the Lux* Me spa is highly recommended. Here you’ll find a tempting array of body and mind treatments, all part of a wellness ethos that weaves its way throughout the entire resort. Active types will have watersports, jet-skiing, scuba diving and parasailing to try, though unwinding on your balcony or admiring the infinity pool views is often the order of the day; a truly relaxing, indulgent escape.