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A thousand dazzling specks of lush green and dazzling white; the picture-perfect islands of the Maldives offer the ultimate in castaway luxury.

The Maldives is a tropical paradise formed by a collection of over 1000 picturesque coral atolls sitting in the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Only 200 of these beautiful islands are inhabited, with many hosting some of the world's most luxurious holiday resorts making a luxury Maldives holiday a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The ocean is where the Maldives really comes to life, rich in wildlife, colour and breathtaking views. Fishing and diving are just two of the many once in a lifetime experiences available to guests. The Maldives really does offer a sensational and truly unforgettable luxury holiday experience.

A combination of perfect geography, climate, culture and environment has moulded together in the Indian Ocean to create the Maldives; an equatorial country made up of 1,190 coral islands formed around atolls. Exceptional is the only word to describe the marine habitat here, where an underwater world teems with life. On land, you’ll find the people and the customs just as intoxicating. Place this backdrop behind world-class luxury resorts and you have found paradise. Indeed, such is the exclusive nature of the Maldives that resorts like Amilla Fushi are often the go-to place for Hollywood celebrities to holiday.

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A small speck in the vast Indian Ocean, these diminutive coral islands are home to the elegant Kanuhura offering five-star luxury with an intimate castaway feel...