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Flawless beaches and ultra-luxe hospitality attract newlyweds in search of the ultimate luxury honeymoon. A thousand miles from the nearest continent, the Seychelles are an unspoilt paradise amidst the vast Indian Ocean.

A Seychelles luxury holiday takes guests to a luxurious nirvana of heaven on earth which is like a world away from anywhere. There are many stunning destinations for a luxury Seychelles holiday, from private islands to luxury spas, and settings such as jungle hillsides or breathtaking coastlines.

Over one hundred islands are scattered in random perfection throughout the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, which in centuries past attracted pirates seeking priceless booty. Today's treasure, however lies in the powdery white sands, the spectacular coral reefs, the verdant hillsides festooned with coconut, cinnamon and banana plantations, and high up in the misty forests the exquisite wild orchids, epitomising Seychelles' fragile, rare beauty.

‘A thousand miles from anywhere’ is how you’ll hear the Seychelles described, an archipelago of 115 islands set within the Indian Ocean. Perfect for romance, those who love the water or even golfers searching for fairways with outstanding views; the region has so much to offer. A sanctuary for luxury travellers, the resorts and hotels here are second to none, with diverse properties set within jungle hillsides filled with orchids and breathtaking coastlines lined by powder soft sand.