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The capital of Qatar, Doha is great for exploring the architecture and attractions of a modern city, while shopaholics will revel in the vibrant atmosphere of the souks. A traditional dhow sail around Doha Bay is a ‘must’ during your visit.

Doha is one of Qatar's most beautiful cities with a fascinating old town steeped in history and distinctive traditional architecture. Doha's coastline has seen an influx of luxury hotels and stunning buildings that mean luxury holidays in Doha sparkle in the sunshine.

The area is also rich in natural beauty, towering sand dunes reach into the distance and crystal clear waters lap miles of platinum shores. Doha has much more to offer than a beach holiday, explore the beautifully restored fortresses and ancient rock carvings, pay a visit to the camel races or take a safari into the desert.

Discover a wide variety of dining options due to the large population diversity. Experience a mixture of Indian, Thai, and Chinese, Italian, Korean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Doha is in a subtropical area, meaning whether you're discovering the cities museums, cuisine, history remains, coastline, or much more, you will always have the hot climate by your side.