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Experience old Arabia in Oman; a place of beautiful beaches, fascinating culture and dramatic landscapes. Twin a stay on the glorious coast with time in the mountains for the perfect mix of this destination’s great contrasts.

Luxury holidays to Oman provide travellers with a glimpse into an undiscovered part of Arabia. Oman has a diverse and natural beauty that makes it an awe-inspiring destination. Located on the Southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula Oman’s natural visual wonders include dramatic mountainscapes, long golden shores plus palms and groves of citrus trees.

Muscat, the capital of Oman, is the centre of the strong traditional culture and the core of Oman's extraordinary 5,000 year history. Consequently there is no shortage of attractions and cultural interests here including the famous Al Alam Palace by the sea and Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.

The clear deep blue waters off the coastline of Oman are also one of the best diving grounds in world. With year round sun and an abundance of chic, glamorous hotels springing up along the Gulf coastline, there has never been a better time to experience this breathtaking place.

Oman is a place of great contrasts. Its fantastic history has forged many fascinating sites such as the archaeology at Dhofar, while the natural landscape varies from the mountains of Batinah to the beaches of the quiet coastlines. The bustling markets of the capital, Muscat, offer a true sense of the region and the country’s 5,000 year old history, while its luxurious selection of hotels and resorts offers a retreat to suit every luxury traveller’s requirements.

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Kempinski Hotel Muscat

Kempinski Hotel Muscat

A luxury hotel in the capital of Muscat, this is the perfect base for exploring the region. Set in the community of Al Mouj, you'll enjoy some 2km of white sandy beach...

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