Harrison Hot Springs

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Explore the glories of British Columbia and bathe in the mineral rich waters on a Harrison Hot Springs Holiday.

Just one and a half hours east of Vancouver, Harrison Hot Springs is an idyllic town positioned on Harrison Lake, British Columbia. Here you’ll find a handful of shops, cafés and diners, as well as ample access to the great outdoors right on your doorstep. Whether you want to kite surf or canoe on the lake, hike through the green mountainsides or simply sit back and relax, you won’t be disappointed on a Harrison Hot Springs holiday.

No prizes for guessing what the main attraction is here; naturally occurring hot springs bubble up nearby providing a mineral-rich water source. At Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa, the springs can be enjoyed in five pools of varying temperature, and guests here can access the pools on a complimentary basis.

Elsewhere, there are some beautiful hiking trails around the lake; visit the Sandy Cove beach trail, which leads to a sandy shore that’s not accessible by car so remains peaceful year-round.

For at least one meal time we recommend you pack a picnic or get take-out from a local restaurant and eat by the water’s edge in Rendall Park, which is a tranquil spot at the far end of the village.

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