Sunshine Coast

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Vast swathes of sand, luscious scenery and striking views galore await you on a trip to British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

Take a stop along the Sunshine Coast on your Canada Holiday and breathe in the beauty and tranquillity of this idyllic region.

For a great forest hike culminating in incredible panoramic views, climb Pender Hill. It is steep on the way up, but the vista will be worth it. The best views, though, come from the air. Why not take an excursion in a light aircraft to see it all from above and to glimpse natural features that can’t be reached by car, such as Chatterbox Falls?

If you like getting active on holiday, take to the water in a kayak. Alternatively, a boat ride is another excellent way to take in the coastline.

Of course, there’s also plenty of opportunity to relax here. If you’re staying at The Beach Club Resort then you’ll be able to enjoy the beachfront indoor pool and hot tub whatever the weather outside. Or head to your hotel’s spa for a true dose of indulgence!

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