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A wonderful stop on your exploration of New Brunswick, the capital of the province – Fredericton – is awash with traditional Canadian experiences and adventures aplenty.

A first-class east coast Canadian experience, Fredericton, the capital of the New Brunswick province, is a place of stunning riverside beauty, culture at every turn and authentic days out.

Ask our Travel Specialists to ensure a stop in the city is added to your bespoke holiday itinerary and you can expect: craft beer breweries, riverside biking trails, salmon fly fishing, art galleries and a huge selection of restaurants to tempt your taste buds after a busy day’s exploring.

Not to be missed is the award-winning Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in September, which is a wonderful time to visit given the changing of the seasons in early autumn, which brings a kaleidoscope of fall colours to the woodland scenery. We also suggest you venture along the Saint John River by canoe for a unique perspective on the Fredericton region, and take an afternoon to explore nearby Kings Landing (not of Game of Thrones fame!), which is an open-air museum that will transport you back nearly 200 years and where guests can try their hand at heritage gardening, firing a musket or even milking a cow!

Your Travel Specialist will be able to provide further inspiration and personal insight on your visit to Fredericton.

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