Artisan Inn

Quaint and Historic Accommodations That Sit on Trinity’s Picturesque Shorefront on Newfoundland’s Rugged Atlantic Coast.

Artisan Inn

Artisan Inn sits proudly on the shore-front in the old-historic area of Trinity, Newfoundland. The accommodations include rooms and suites housed in several homes all within a few minutes walking distance from each other.

The main Artisan Inn building, the Twine Loft, is a converted seaside fishing room and houses the main reception and registration area, dining room, guest lounge and seaside deck. Two of the properties, Campbell House and Gover House, have both won awards for their historic restoration. Campbell House was built in 1840 and is one of the town’s most elegant buildings, with historical décor throughout and offers two accommodations, the Fort Point and Fisher Cove Rooms, with views of either Trinity Harbour or Fisher Cove. Other accommodations include the Lighthouse View House with two bedrooms or Cove Cottage which offers three bedrooms.

The Twine Loft is a popular spot for guests and locals, where you can enjoy relaxing on the wrap-around over-water deck, or dine in the first-floor restaurant where breakfast and intimate candle-lit dinners are served.

Trinity is a charming seaside town steeped in maritime history, and the surrounding area offers so much for the traveller to do and see. Trinity is a hiker’s paradise, where you can enjoy the breath-taking views along the Discovery Trail. The surrounding waters are a feeding ground for Humpback, Orca and Sperm Whales, which can often be spotted on boat tours between May and August, while in early spring you may be lucky enough to see giant icebergs floating by. The coastline is not only visited by tourists but also migrating birds, such as the Arctic tern as well as being home to Bald eagles and the Atlantic puffin.

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