Miami, the ‘magic city’, has a spellbinding quality. Imagine the city in the spirited era of the 1930s and 1940s as you saunter past the pastel-hued art deco buildings in the Miami Beach Art Deco District. Whilst you admire the architecture along Ocean Drive, you will begin to understand why the road is so well acclaimed. Stopping for lunch in one of the open air cafes is a must, for the buzzing atmosphere and a glimpse of Gianni Versace's former oceanfront mansion.

The city is truly international, with the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport being some of the busiest entry points into the USA, making the city a top global trade and financial centre as well as a haven for arts enthusiasts. The city is synonymous with the mix of the old and the new, which is reflected in its culture – art is both contemporary and traditional, the museums explore local and international themes and dancers express themselves through both ballet and the rumba. Clearly influenced by nearby Caribbean and Hispanic countries, Miami exudes a playful, exuberant but relaxed charm that will perfectly match your holiday spirit. The cuisine is also influenced by the international blend of cultures found in the city, from fusion Latin American restaurants to distinguished steakhouses.

Whether you are looking for a beach for family fun, a beach to unwind and bask in the sun on, a beach bar for the glamorous or a beach to experience parasailing and jet-skiing, Miami has it all. To take part in a famous Floridian activity, enjoy a relaxing stroll (or an exhilarating rollerblade!) along the South Beach promenade before picking your perfect spot along the glistening sandy beach. The fun can carry on long into the night – the city’s world famous nightlife attracts an affluent crowd from far and wide for its party atmosphere, extravagant cocktails and luxury decor.

Miami has a tropical climate, ensuring a warm winter and a hot hot hot summer. Whatever time of year you choose for your holiday in Miami, glorious weather, non-stop entertainment and luxury are guaranteed.

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