Focus Ranch

From £2950 per person  

(Based on 2 adults sharing)

Small working cattle ranch owned by a warm and friendly couple; perfect for all levels of riders as well as singles, couples and families.

Focus Ranch

Focus Ranch is a real working cattle ranch set in territory once familiar to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Located at the upper end of Little Snake River Valley in the Sierra Madres Mountains, this is now home to a 1300 plus herd of yearling cattle during the summer months. Owned by a warm and welcoming couple, the Focus Ranch is perfect for all levels of riders, couples and families. 

The original 1890's lodge has been replaced by a bright and airy log lodge with a stone fireplace, hardwood floors and pine walls. The upstairs of the lodge features three spacious and comfortable rooms with en suite bathrooms. Focus Ranch also features three en suite cabins that are located close to the main lodge plus two self contained units adjacent to the lodge.

Meals at Focus Ranch are hearty home cooked and wholesome with freshly baked breads and pastries, steak fry's across the river on Saturday nights and fresh trout if someone has been lucky enough to catch some that day. Focus Ranch does not have a licence to sell alcohol however you are welcome to take your own along.

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