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Ranch Season: Mid May to End of September

A spectacular and impressive state, Idaho offers Hells Canyon - deeper than the Grand Canyon, Shoshone Falls - higher than Niagara and Bruneau Sand Dunes - larger than the dunes of Death Valley.

Lying east of Washington and Oregon, Idaho is a rugged and remote state. The state covers two times zones, runs from Canada to Nevada and encompasses the western side of the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains. In the south-central region of Idaho is the Craters of the Moon national monument, where America’s astronauts trained to walk on the moon.

Idaho provides some of the best whitewater kayaking and rafting in the world and has the most designated wilderness areas outside of Alaska. With more than 3100 whitewater river miles; no other state can claim as many diverse recreational rivers.

In this entire wilderness, luxury and adventure can be found at our ranches in the Coeur DAlene and Salmon areas. Join an overnight trip or a day’s adventure whitewater rafting on the Salmon River. Play under Idahos sunny skies - where recreation is limited only by your imagination.

To plan your ranch holiday in Idaho, call our ranch specialists today for more information.

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