Wyoming Cattle Drives at TX Ranch

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(Based on 2 adults sharing)

Wyoming Cattle Drives at TX Ranch

The TX Ranch is situated nearby to the Montana/Wyoming border and sits either side of the Pryor Mountain. The ranch offers dedicated cattle drive weeks as well as ranch stays incorporating cattle work. TX Ranch stocks over 1,200 cattle and adapts to the seasonal needs and requirements concerning its cattle, quarter horses and range pasture conditions. A stay at this authentic working ranch, TX Ranch, is suited to the more intermediate and experienced adult rider and also, those happy to stay in tented canvas accommodations which are furnished with foam mattresses and a stove.

Cattle drive weeks are extremely popular and include consecutive day cattle drives, exceptional open range riding without boundaries, round ups, hands on working cattle activities and horse drives. These weeks also include necessary seasonal riding and cattle working activities before and after the cattle drive. Activities include roping, branding, ear tagging, doctoring, vaccines, cutting out cow/calf pairs for cattle drives, cutting out strays and dehorning. Ranch stays at the TX Ranch also include cattle work, the main difference being is that these weeks do not include consecutive day cattle drives. 

Guests are welcome to partake in the daily activities of the working ranch and are free to ride and explore the land. You will have the opportunity to ride alongside some genuine cowboys and do as much or little as desired. Intermediate riders are offered unique, fun and very scenic rides involving slightly less distances and easier terrain. Experienced riders are able to go on longer distances and terrain allowing for an exceptional, unlimited ride. Most rides often last 8 hours. In the evening, enjoy a home-cooked meal and songs around the campfire. Please note, beer, cigarettes and snack must be bought before you arrive at camp. Minimum age for riding is 12 yrs depending on riding ability.

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