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Holidays to Belize are the perfect combination of Central American culture and Caribbean beaches.

Holidays to Belize are the perfect combination of laid-back Caribbean beach vibes and Indiana Jones-esque adventures within its lush jungles and ancient Mayan sites.

Belize is the only officially English-speaking country in Latin America and is blessed with stunning coastline, picturesque islands and talcum-powder soft beaches. Inland, the country is taken up by vast swathes of national parks and wildlife reserves, where residents run the full spectrum of size from miniscule cutter ants to the elusive, elegant jaguar. The tangled jungles shelter some 570 species of bird, who flutter between rippling lagoons and through the cloud forest, with monkeys, peccaries and iguanas for company. Those with a keen eye may even spot Belize’s resplendent national bird – the showy toucan, in all his colourful glory.

Belize holidays offer amazing diversity, not least beneath the waves. Second, only to Australia, Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world and offers a similar standard of diving and snorkelling. The series of cayes dotted off the coast are home to stylish and affordable beach resorts, where scuba diving and fishing villages draw a laid-back crowd. The famous Great Blue Hole, located 70 kilometres from the mainland, is renowned for its enigmatic blue depths and circling sharks, rather than colourful corals.

Almost half of the country is environmentally protected, meaning wildlife has flourished and rare species to be spotted include the ocelot, puma and tapir. Hidden within the jungle you’ll also discover the preserved remains of Mayan ruins, including the extensive Caracol, close to the border with Guatemala. As a British colony for more than 100 years, Belize has a curious blend of colonial traditions that fuse with the indigenous Maya, Garifuna and Mennonite communities.

For a comprehensive tour of Central America, Belize can be combined with other nearby countries and is especially enjoyable when visited alongside Guatemala. Here you’ll find an extension of Belize’s sights, such as charming towns, bustling markets and pyramid temples.

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