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Home to some of South America’s most dazzling landscapes, Bolivia is an intensely rewarding travel destination.

Within the country’s landlocked borders you’ll discover shimmering salt flats, ancient forests, lakes of the deepest blue and barren altiplano landscapes peered over by the gleaming white peaks of the Andes.

Despite this incredible diversity, Bolivia remains one of the lesser-visited countries in Latin America, meaning experiences and tours are more authentic and interaction with the warm local communities can be more genuine than in other countries. Set across the Andes, Bolivia is an untapped mine of stunning sights, with plenty of cultural wonders to enjoy in addition to its physical beauty.

On many traveller’s bucket lists you’ll find the incredible salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. The salt pans cover a vast expanse of the south (around 12,000 square kilometres) and the gleaming sunlight reflecting off the glittering pans means sunglasses are required to look at the landscape directly. The salt crust creates fantastic reflections of the sky which makes for wow-factor photographs, and you can explore the region in depth by four-wheel drive.

The capital city La Paz is another highlight, packed with traditional markets where visitors can shop alongside locals and drink rich Bolivian coffee in local cafés; on a clear day, you can enjoy your brew with a view of the snow-capped Mount Illimani. Holidays to Bolivia often stop at the towns of Sucre and Potosi. Sucre is an attractive colonial city with UNESCO World Heritage status, while the former silver mining town of Potosi offers a glimpse of a different side to Bolivian life. Both cities afford a perspective on the country’s Spanish history, with some parts dating back to the 16th century.

Bolivia holidays are ideally combined with Peru and Chile, particularly when visiting Lake Titicaca which it shares with Peru. The highest navigable lake in the world is divided by the Peru-Bolivia border, and slipping between the two countries can be done with ease. At a height of 3,800 metres the lake’s high elevation guarantees the most incredible sunrises and sunsets, so you’ll want to keep your camera handy. The Bolivian part of the lake includes the idyllic Sun and Moon islands; guests can stay on the former island, perhaps before continuing your journey into Peru and onwards to the iconic Macchu Picchu.