Salar de Uyuni Holidays

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Part of Bolivia’s vast altiplano, the Salar de Uyuni salt flats can be found south of the town of Uyuni, stretching from Bolivia and into northern Chile.

Rarely a travel guide to Latin America is published without at least one prominent photograph of the salt flats, such is their worldwide acclaim. Covering around 12,000 square kilometres the salt flats are located high up in the Andes, and the salt crust creates incredible reflections of the sky in its shimmering expanse.

On Salar de Uyuni holidays, tours of the salt flats are usually done in a four-wheel drive, travelling across the salt crust past the cacti-studded Isla del Pescado to the red desert, where flocks of rare James’ flamingo live on vivid lakes. You’ll need sunglasses and sun cream to enjoy the experience to the full, as the sunlight reflecting off the salt emits quite a glare. Budding photographers will relish the chance to take their own incredible snaps of the landscape.