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Sucre holidays will take you to what is undoubtedly Bolivia’s most beautiful city. While terracotta-hued La Paz holds the lofty position of the nation’s capital, it was in Sucre that Bolivia’s independence was proclaimed in 1825.

It still houses the country’s Supreme Court and is considered by many to be the administrative capital of Bolivia. Due to its many whitewashed buildings, the city is often referred to as ‘La Ciudad Blanca’ and its elegant colonial architecture is a joy to explore, with wide, attractive streets and sun-drenched plazas.

Set in a valley ringed by low mountains, Sucre’s climate is mild and comfortable, a far cry from the freezing temperatures of high-altitude La Paz. With its laid-back feel, it’s a departure from the bustling atmosphere of the capital, home to just one-tenth of La Paz’s population. Many of the buildings date as far back as the 16th century, including the statuesque cathedral and the University of Saint Francis Xavier of Chuquisaca, one of the oldest South American universities which was founded in 1624.