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Big, brash and beautiful, Brazil is an incomparable destination and high on many travellers’ bucket lists. Brazil holidays are a riot: of colour, culture, incredible sights and splendid scenery, from its steamy jungles to its sultry cities. There are few places on the planet where you can party in the streets, relax on the beach and view incredible wildlife and thundering waterfalls all in one place – but on holidays to Brazil, you’ll discover all of this and so much more.

Most Brazil holidays start in the coastal city of Rio de Janeiro, which has one of the most iconic skylines in the world. Its setting - on the curving sands of Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, under the hulking mound of Sugarloaf and the outstretched arms of Christ the Redeemer - is only half of what makes it so atmospheric. The vibrant people make Rio de Janeiro a joy to explore, whether you come to experience the fiesta-filled streets for the famous carnival or choose to seek out fantastic backstreet restaurants – everyone you encounter is proud to call themselves a Carioca and is intensely welcoming to visitors. If you can drag yourself away from Rio de Janeiro’s charms, there are also several beach resorts like Paraty and Buzios to relax in, perfect for enjoying the Brazilian sun.

If you fall in love with Rio de Janeiro, you’ll find yourself head over heels with the rest of Brazil. Though its cities are wonderful, the great outdoors is where you’ll find the richest treasures. In Iguaçu, stand on the cusp of the thundering waterfalls and feel the spray on your face (and everywhere else!) as you enjoy a very thorough drenching. In the Amazon Rainforest, glide through the meandering tributaries in a silent canoe and keep your eyes peeled for Jaguar and all manner of birdlife, just two examples of its magnificent biodiversity. On the 7,000-kilometre-long coastline take stock of your journey as you watch the sunset from the rooftop of a traditional pousada, or hotel. The country is packed to bursting with exciting activities to try, but you’ll always find a way to unwind and appreciate its natural beauty.

For music lovers and foodies, Brazil has much to offer. If you can’t time your stay for the Rio carnival, why not spend a few days in Salvador, a city where Afro-Brazilian cultures are intertwined in delicious food, capoeira – a fascinating blend of music, martial arts and dance – and nightly dance parties? In the city or in the coastal resorts around it, dine on fresh seafood with a Brazilian twist, like a fish stew with coconut milk and locally-grown herbs. Brazil’s mixed heritage takes influences from across the Americas, Europe and Africa and fuses it all together in its diverse cuisine, music and religion. 

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