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Discover the Wonders of Latin America with our Amazing Coffee Region Holidays Designed by the Experts for Colombia. Call Now for First-Hand Inspiration

Famous around the world for its rich and full-bodied flavour, Colombian coffee has grown to become the world’s third-largest producer. Coffee Region holidays can take you to some of the coffee growing regions around the country. Coffee Region holidays will take you to the lush, rolling countryside around the cities of Pereira and Armenia, where the combination of mineral rich volcanic soil, a pleasant climate and high altitude means the perfect conditions for coffee bean cultivation.

During your holidays to the Coffee Region you’ll likely enjoy a number of tours, where you can visit the coffee plantations themselves and sample the different beans in their most famous form: a luxuriously rich cup of coffee.

There are some 350,000 hectares of coffee growing real-estate, so choosing where to go is your first challenge. We like the area west of the city of Pereira; here you’ll find a number of charming places to stay, including Casa de Huespedes Sazagua, which sits within a spectacular landscape with far-reaching mountain views. As well as coffee, you’ll find a diverse array of animal and plant life, and temperatures slightly cooler than in the coastal regions.

Unmissable is the Valley of Cocora where you can walk amongst the world’s tallest wax palms. The area is a natural cloud forest where the valley follows a river flanked by steep mountain foothills. Growing up to 60 metres, the palms add to the area’s striking beauty. Popular hiking trails take visitors through grassland and dense forest to picturesque peaks and, for those getting tired, horses are on hand to be rented. Nearby is the sleepy colonial town of Salento, the base for many wanting to explore the surrounding national parks; the town is awash with vibrant colour and oozes a laid-back approach to life. East of Salento is the Los Nevados National Park, a broad green valley framed by steep peaks - an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise!

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