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The Mayan ruins at Copán are described as the most sophisticated in Central America, their intricate detail well preserved over time.

Located close to Honduras’ northern border with Guatemala, many people choose to combine a visit to the ruins on holidays to neighbouring Guatemala, but Copán holidays are a worthwhile stay in their own right.

The ruins can be found in a peaceful setting amid the grassy plains and lush forests, making exploring a very pleasant experience – visit in the early morning or evening and you’ll find the site much quieter. You’ll have the opportunity to tour the stone temples, pyramids, plazas and a ball court by yourself or with the services of a knowledgeable guide, who will be able to illuminate the history of the site and details about the stone monuments, known as stelae. The stones are so well preserved that you can view faces and figures in the carvings. It’s also worthwhile paying a visit to the nearby museum, to see an impressive recreation of how the pyramids would have looked to the early Mayans.

Copán holidays usually involve a stay in the nearby town of Copán Ruinas, a pretty town with cobblestone streets and white adobe buildings topped with traditional red roofs. The population are extremely welcoming towards visitors and as such there are a number of hotels and restaurants that may tempt you to stay longer in the area, rather than passing through on a whirlwind trip.

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