Alma Historica Boutique Hotel

Oozing style, authentic touches and plenty of regal charm along the way, the Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel is a fitting ode to a bygone age in this atmospheric city.

Alma Historica Boutique Hotel

For an altogether alternative option when seeking the ultimate stay in Uruguay’s capital, look no further than the remarkable Alma Histórica Boutique Hotel.

This unique 1920’s former family home has expertly married high-end hotel indulgence with a quirky décor scheme aimed at reflecting iconic moments in the history of the country, and it really works!

The building itself is a delight, close to the old city and port with its surrounding eateries while maintaining the original façade and many architectural features, such as a grand marble-lined staircase and high-ceilinged guestrooms. The library feels like a momentary step back in time, a place of Chesterfield sofas, coffee tables and classic books lining the walls, starkly contrasting with the 21st-century roof terrace where views of Montevideo Bay and Plaza Zabala can be enjoyed from a sumptuous Jacuzzi and surrounding patio.

Overall, while the Alma unashamedly lacks certain five-star amenities such as a spa, evening restaurant (breakfast only is served onsite) or over the top mod-cons, it more than makes up for this with attention to detail, charm, location and history, all wrapped up in a hotel which still boasts its fair share of luxury and comfort throughout.