MUSE Pangkor Laut Estates

MUSE Pangkor Laut Estates represent Southeast Asia's past gentry, featuring eight replicas of the old world's interpretation of Paradise.

MUSE Pangkor Laut Estates

These distinct estates conjure up an atmosphere that recalls the romantic lifestyle of a British estate manager of old Malaya. 

What sets MUSE Pangkor Laut Estates in a class of its own is the level of service. No less than a team of two personal butlers together with a dedicated chef serves every estate.

Privacy here is paramount. Every estate is designed to be complete unto itself, each with its own private pool and open living and dining pavilions where guests may request anything and enjoy life to the fullest without stepping out of an estate’s acreage.

Should one decide to venture around the island, a litany of pleasant surprises awaits amidst the rainforest and the rocks. MUSE Pangkor Laut Estates goes beyond mere luxury; in these private sanctuaries, each intimate escape is a celebration of senses, tastes and textures. All the activity of the main resort lies on the other side of the island, only a couple of chauffeur driven minutes and yet a world away.